Wasabi - Running Sushi & Wok Restaurant

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Wasabi Sushi & Wok Restaurants

Wasabi's ars poetica in gastronomy: long-term engagement of customers is only possible by quality and devotion. Our business is based on the following two principles: high quality ingredients and wholehearted service of our kind customers.

Vienna Debut

The first Wasabi restaurant in Vienna was opened in July 2015 in 3rd district. Our company has more than 10 years of experience in catering, therefore, we may well believe to be able to satistfy the high expectations of the widely known and recognized Viennese customers. By means of creativity, high quality service, and wide range of dishes provided we aim to amuse our new guests in Vienna.

Wasabi restaurant

In Wasabi’s kitchen professional cooks from the Far East prepare sushi and various wok dishes. Among the meals provided, our guests can find traditional Japanese food like miso, teryaki-based delicacies, classics of Korean cuisine such as bibimpap, bulgogi, and dakbokum. Moreover, we cannot forget about the fashionable dishes of Thai gastronomy like Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and Laxa. The great discovery of the past years, Pho Bo soup is also included in the menu list; moreover, this vitally healthy and typically Asian soup is prepared according to a special recipe invented in our restaurant.

Another pride of us is sushi. In this field we pay regard to traditional forms and shapes; however, we are not afraid of experimenting with new techniques in order to introduce our customers to the unique culinary world of sushi. Since we know that the secret of sushi lies in the freshness of ingredients, we pay special attention on using only high quality materials.

The long and short of it is,

we recommend you to come to our restaurant and try our specialties, and then add your opinion so that we can create a place where every Viennese and visitors of Vienna willingly taste the rich gastronomy of the Far East.

Wasabi restaurant

We welcome all our kind guests to taste the unknown flavours of this cuisine as in Wasabi -

- Far East is close!